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Improvements we Make to Your Customer Service Will be Measured Using Metrics
Such as the Net Promoter Score…

Cape Consulting Lyn Etherington Customer Service ConsultantYou can dramatically improve the experience your customers get when they use your company, leading to more customer loyalty, more revenue and a better reputation all round.

Cape Consulting provides companies like yours with the guidance and training needed to deliver customer service improvements that can actually be measured. This gives a marked commercial advantage over the competition. My team has demonstrated time after time, that our unique combination of research, consultancy, training and measurement positively impact customer service, resulting in real, measurable improvements in customer loyalty.

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Lyn Etherington.

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A Few of the Satisfied Clients Cape Consulting Have Helped to Deliver Outstanding Customer Service

- Our Clients Are Highly Valued -
and receive outstanding training

We are privileged to have worked with some really great companies and helped them to
understand how to make their customers
happier - enabling them to strengthen their ongoing customer relationships and improve sales, revenue and fortify their companies.

RBS said: “Our customer charter promises friendly and helpful staff and since working with Cape Consulting, our customers have rated our telephony advisers at over 92% in delivering this promise”.

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- A Few Clients We Have Helped -
to gain outstanding cutomer service


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