4 Useful Training Strategies

Customer Service Training that’s different and impactful, here are 4 areas to address in your training programmes.

9 seconds to make the right impression!
These initial vital seconds on the phone dictate how the customer reacts – whether they are happy with the experience your staff deliver and how responsive they will be to the solutions they offer

Be a chameleon!
Some customers are happy to chat; some just want to complete their transaction as quickly as possible. Your staff need to be able to quickly find out what sort of interaction the customer wants – then act accordingly, in order to build rapport.

Open questions
Open questions are useful in most sales and service situations and are standard fare in most customer service training, but do your staff use left brain questions to move customers forward and achieve results more quickly?

Just for you!
Research shows that using the phrase ‘for you’ (within reason) enhances rapport