9 Key Principles for Delivering Excellence

Here are nine key principles for sustainable success and to improve the Customer experience.

1. The customer experience is grounded in the overall business purpose
The voice of the customer informs ‘the big picture’
There is clarity and balance between customer experience objectives; operational objectives and financial objectives

2. There is alignment across the business to deliver the customer experience
All business functions that have an impact on the customer experience are aligned
Non-customer facing areas understand what customers value

3. A clear definition exists for the desired customer experience – captured as the ‘behavioural model’
Everyone understands how it should feel fro the customer
Everyone understands how they should behave

4. The ‘behavioural model’ is embedded in how people are managed
Training, coaching, measures and rewards reflect the ‘behavioural model’
People get recognition for delivering the ‘right’ behaviours

5. The organisation feels seamless to the customer
Management understand why customers make contact and what they want
The company makes it easy to do what customers value

6. Everyone knows that transactions build relationships
People are focused on excellence at every interaction
People see the customer as an individual

7. Front-line staff are engaged
Staff are involved in discussing how customers want to be treated; what gets in the way; what should change
Front-line staff have input to designing customer-handling processes

8. Measures and rewards recognise the customer experience
Personal recognition systems include customer experience objectives at all operational levels
Business unit objectives include customer experience measures and targets

9. Internal communications reinforces the desired customer experience
Daily/weekly briefings have the customer on the agenda
Management consistently reinforce the message