Allianz: Big Improvement in Net Promoter

Allianz client training Cape Consulting

“In seeking to understand how we could grow our business through brokers, research clearly told us that brokers wanted us to demonstrate a better understanding of their business and to build stronger relationships with them.

We engaged Cape Consulting to help us on this important transformation. Their Experience Audit identified the behavioural ‘gap’ between the experience we were delivering and where we needed to be. The behavioural change programme that we implemented was underpinned by our Broker Experience Model – ‘Their Business: Our Focus’ – which Cape helped us to create.

For Allianz, Net Promoter Score® (NPS) – that is, customers’ preparedness to recommend – is a key performance indicator. This programme has directly contributed to our NPS improvement of 20 points over the past 18 months. And this has happened at a time when we have reduced our staffing numbers and contained our average handling time. We might reasonably have expected our call lengths to increase as we delivered more ‘individual’ experiences but this hasn’t been the case.

Cape’s style of intervention has ensured that our people feel engaged and committed to the new way of working; our operational management have been fully supported so that the Broker Model and how it is managed and measured is now business as usual; I am convinced that this has created a differentiated service that brokers value.”

Jon Dye, General Manager, Retail
Allianz Insurance