Learning how to coach is a life skill. It helps people to engage support for action; encourage participation in decision making; and have the courage to release responsibility to people who are in a position to act. In achieving excellent customer service experiences, it is important that the people who are in day to day contact with customers feel empowered to act and are comfortable with their role. Providing first-line managers with coaching skills ensures that frontline staff have the opportunity and motivation to act within a supportive framework.

Train the trainer

Creating a customer service culture is not a one-off task. It needs continual reinforcement and training. Where appropriate, Cape Consulting develops Train the Trainer programmes to transfer skills so that organisations have the flexibility of in-house training support. We want to maintain the quality of Cape Consulting’s programmes so, having trained trainers, we observe, co-facilitate and accredit trainers before they are self-sufficient.

Train the Trainer programmes are invaluable where there is a large multi-site training programme to deliver, and can also be invaluable for team leaders who may need to train new staff on a regular basis.