Consumer Research presentation

Which is the best measure – top 50 Conf Nov 2011 with notes

Which is the best measure of customer behaviour: Net Promoter Score or Customer Effort Score?
In recent years, many organisations have adopted as a key performance indicator Net Promoter Score (NPS), which evaluates customers’ preparedness to recommend an organisation to others. But what real influence can people at the front-line in a call centre actually have? Over the past 5 years, Cape Consulting has conducted ‘touch point’ research measuring NPS plus customers’ views of their experiences for numerous clients and – and in this thought provoking keynote Lyn is able to share these findings and assess what impact front-line staff can and cannot make on NPS.

In addition, Lyn will be revealing what new insights members have gained from the 2011 research in the Top 50 Call Centres for Customer Service programme following the introduction of Net Promoter Score. More recently, there has been a lot of discussion in the industry surrounding Customer Effort Score (CES), with many suggesting that it is a better metric than NPS and potentially should replace it as the key measure.

The jury is still out on which one provides the best indicator of customer behaviour, but rather than choose one or the other, perhaps we should look at using both measures in combination. There is an argument that NPS may be a better indicator of certain behaviours and CES a better gauge of others, so using them in tandem could provide you with a win-win solution. Lyn will explore these and other questions and present some ideas on what benefit both of these metrics can bring to improving your operation and the level of customer service you deliver.