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...and Why Real People Are Far Better Than Automated Robots When Helping Your Customers

Customer Call Centre Improvements

When dealing with a contact centre, customers do not want to deal with robotic agents – they want to deal with people who can deliver a personalised experience. So, getting agents to follow a script is not the way to create a good impression and build strong relationships. But, dealing with customers all day, every day is tough – and all too easily the experience agents deliver can become boring, bland and inconsistent. A structured Customer Experience Model™ provides a framework to guide agents in how to be consistent, customer-focused and results-driven.

A Customer Experience Model™

Developing a clear definition of the desired customer experience is the starting point in implementing a behavioural change programme that will deliver an excellent customer experience. At Cape Consulting, we develop a Customer Experience Model™ with our clients that:

• clearly links to their business purpose and ‘customer promise’
• defines in detail what customer-facing staff need to do each and every time they ‘touch’ the customer
• underpins a detailed behavioural change training programme for customer-facing staff and their management
• is reflected in the measures and rewards that define desired staff behaviour.

The Customer Experience Model™ should underpin an internal communications programme in order to assist with sustaining the behavioural change so that the desired customer experience becomes business-as-usual.

Training staff so frequently doesn’t create the desired change – why?

All too frequently, time and money are spent on soft-skills training for customer-facing staff that doesn’t deliver the desired level of change. Yet, there is a need for training, if a consistently improved experience is to be delivered to customers – so why the problem? Our experience shows that training can only be effective if:

• it recognises and builds on the strengths and weaknesses of the people concerned – a sheep-dip approach is not the answer
• the views and opinions of front-line staff are listened to and responded to
• front-line staff see what will be the benefit for them in behaving differently
• potential barriers to delivering to the customer are identified and steps taken to overcome them
• management change the way they measure and reward their staff – ‘what gets measured gets done’ … so measures need to reflect the desired customer experience
• the desired skills and behaviours translate in to the workplace – requiring a commitment to practice and a clear fit with other tasks and responsibilities.

Cape Consulting’s approach to training

Our cutting-edge training utilises up to the minute research and techniques from Social Psychology, Transactional Analysis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The techniques are simple yet powerful. Above all, the feedback we get from our training is that it is fun – both inside the training room and back in workplace – and effective. It drives results!

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