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Delivering an excellent customer experience

Cape Consulting helps some of the UK’s leading brands provide outstanding service for their customers.

Successful businesses are clear about what their customers want and structure their organisations to deliver. They make customer service a management priority, recruit and reward for service and focus investment on the aspects of service that are most important to customers.

Our expertise supports this holistic approach and combines research, consultancy, training and measurement to help our clients develop customer service strategies that meet their customers’ expectations – and are sustainable.

Working with clients such as Hiscox, Nutricia, Allianz Insurance, Royal Bank of Scotland and the RAC we have demonstrated time after time that our techniques measurably improve customers’ experience and positively impact retention and loyalty. Our approach delivers real improvements for our clients in terms of commercial metrics such as sales conversion, operating costs and staff attrition.

Our approach is relevant across a broad range of industries and services in both the private and public sectors and in consumer and business to business markets.

Understanding what customers value

We understand what matters to customers – what service experience they truly value. We help our clients to develop a customer service strategy that delivers value and differentiates them in a crowded market. We uncover what is impacting current service performance – what is getting in the way of meeting or exceeding customers’ expectations – and we use our knowledge to challenge management thinking and practices. Only then can they remove barriers and enable their people to deliver what customers value.

No customer service strategy will be successful unless it has the full commitment of everyone in the company. Galvanising management behind their service vision enables them to engage their staff and create the behavioural change necessary to deliver that vision.

Staff engagement is key

What matters most to customers and has the greatest impact on their experience, is the way they are treated by the people they come into contact with. Everyone in an organisation has the power to create or lose a customer for life. Every touch point matters.

We engage front line staff in defining what customer service should be like and uncover what they thinks gets in the way. Most of our clients are surprised by the depth of understanding their staff display about what is important to customers, what operational difficulties get in the way of service delivery and what improvements can be made. It’s impossible to monitor every single interaction between staff and customers – so you have to motivate and trust staff to deliver brilliant service. Our techniques do just that.

Sustainable service improvement

We are not interested in quick fixes. All too often improvements don’t embed in to business-as-usual. We believe that service improvements must be sustainable and that there is always opportunity to make the customer experience even better. We believe strongly in developing the right input measures that will drive the behaviours needed to deliver the desired customer experience. Drive the right inputs and the outputs will look after themselves!

Measuring service performance

Companies are more keen than ever to measure performance but all too easily measures related to the customer experience don’t provide the insight needed to create change and drive improvements – they don’t answer ‘so what?’ We help our clients to develop measurement systems that track customer service, customer satisfaction or recommendation – in a way that can create action plans and drive service performance improvement.

But don’t take our word for it!

“I am convinced that our partnership with Cape Consulting has had a positive impact and helped us achieve our aim of bringing Helpful Banking to life.”

Jon Cooper, Head of Telephony Sales,Royal Bank of Scotland

“Cape’s style of intervention has ensured that our people feel engaged and committed to the new way of working; our operational management have been fully supported so that the Broker Model, and how it is managed and measured, is now business as usual; I am convinced that this has created a differentiated service that brokers value.”

Jon Dye, General Manager, Retail, Allianz

“With Cape Consulting’s expert guidance we have achieved an outstanding 80% Net Promoter® Score – amongst the very best reported by companies using this measure. We have reduced our operational costs as well as improving our customer experience – a powerful combination that is delivering tangible value to the business.”

Kate Burn, Head of Contact Delivery, RAC

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