Customer Service Measurement

“What you measure matters but it’s what you do with the data that counts”

Companies frequently collect data on what customers called about but few companies collect data on why customers had to call – without this, organisations cannot learn. At Cape Consulting, we always start by looking at what matters to your customer and what your customers value which leads to a better understanding of what needs to be measured.

Your customers don’t want to waste their time or make unnecessary effort – so it is vital that your company is easy to do business with. We work with you to minimise and remove unnecessary contact for customers that can easily annoy customers, damage the relationship and costs the company money!

It is better for both the customer and the company to learn and stop doing those things that generate unnecessary calls. Two factors that we concentrate on are:

• Factors that make it easy for the customer
• Factors that make the experience ‘special’ for the customer – so that they feel valued

Customer Experience Measures

There are three methodologies that are widely used to measure customer experience:

• Customer satisfaction (CSat) – still the most widely used customer outcome measure
• Net Promoter® Score (NPS) – introduced in 2003 and has gained huge support due to claims that it correlates with financial growth
• Customer Effort Score (CES) – a relatively new measure that has been gaining popularity

Not all methodologies fit every situation and every organisation. Cape Consulting makes sure they recommend the right programme for clients – that will engage the organisation and drive change.
More information can be found about the Customer Satisfaction, Net Promoter® Score & Customer Effort Score by clicking here

Driving improvements in Customer Service

In considering how best to measure the customer experience and drive improvements in your business, our key pointers are:

• Measurement systems must drive improvements and not be a goal in themselves
• Focusing on issues that benefit the customer and reduce unnecessary costs
• Discovering what extremely satisfied customers & ‘Promoters’ love – and doing more of it!
• Reporting averages drives average performance – companies need to measure, report and expect excellence!