Improving Customer Service

The underlying purpose of any business is to win, keep and to grow its customers.

A great deal of effort, and money, is typically spent on getting new customers – if the same focus was placed on keeping and growing customers it would cost less and the rewards cab be far greater.

We help companies to improve their customer experience, leading to higher quality, longer-term relationship with customers that deliver greater profitability.

Research shows a direct correlation between the quality of the customer experience you deliver and vital commercial factors such as the likelihood of switching supplier, buying more and recommending to others. Examples of this can be seen here.

Delivering a consistently excellent customer experience isn’t just about training staff to do a better job it is about putting the customer at the heart of the business.
Cape Consulting work to achieve six characteristics that successful, customer-focused companies have in common.

Customer Service Training may not be enough

A common misconception is that staff training alone will deliver the desired levels of behavioural change within an organisation. However, there are several vital concepts that need to be addressed if customer service training is to be effective and deliver results. Cape Consulting can help you to address these issues to ensure your training is effective and delivers sustainable improvements in customer service.

Cape Consulting has developed a highly successful 3-staged approach to improve customer experience levels and to generate sustainable and measurable change.

Within weeks, your organisation will be seeing an improvement in the customer experience delivered with measurable business improvements such as increases in sales conversions, up-selling, customer retention; or reductions in rework and non-value adding customer contact.

Cape Consulting has worked with and successfully achieved results such as these in companies such as:

cape consulting clients sampleand many more click here to see who we have worked with.

To make a change to your customer experience and to start seeing measurable results, contact Cape consulting on 01483 230400