Partnerships UK

“We engaged Cape Consulting to help us gain independent feedback about our performance and to explore the opportunities that our customers consider we have to develop our services. We were also keen to have a benchmark score that would allow us to track progress over time. Cape Consulting introduced us to the Net Promoter® Score which provides us with a measure of our clients’ propensity to recommend us to others – clearly a critical metric for a business like ours.

We have been most impressed with the quality of the research and feedback provided by Cape Consulting. The independent nature of their work together with a robust interviewing and reporting technique has provided clear insights and are driving our customer experience strategy. By acting on the results and recommendations we can see how our performance is improving. Quite apart from the value to us of understanding what our customers genuinely think about our performance, it is clear that clients also value the opportunity to share their views of their experience with Partnerships UK.”

James Stewart,
Chief Executive, Partnerships UK

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