10 Factors for Success

10 Customer training factors for success

Ten factors for successful customer experience improvement programmes.

There are 10 key factors that characterise successful and sustainable customer experience improvement programmes:

1. There is a clear imperative for improving the customer experience i.e. an irrefutable argument that a better customer experience will drive the business forward.
2. There is a passion and a commitment to being focused on customers.
3. The desired customer experience is clearly articulated and based upon ‘Voice of the Customer’ research.
4. The customer experience is of equal importance as other business imperatives such as revenue targets and operational efficiency.
5. The customer experience is analysed and managed holistically – end to end.
6. There are processes in place to examine and act on root causes of poor customer experiences and service failures.
7. Priorities for action are determined by the ‘Delivery Gap’ – the gap between the desired experience and the actual experience: in NPS language, reducing Detractors and increasing Promoters.
8. Everyone understands what customers’ value (and what creates Promoters) – and focuses on delivering this relentlessly.
9. Management get personally involved at the customer interface – interacting with customers and consulting with frontline staff.
10. Customer feedback links directly in to training, rewards, recognition and internal communications.