The Top Companies for Customer Service

What separates the top companies for customer service from the rest?

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Many of our clients’ are renowned for their top customer service. The top companies for customer service provide outstanding customer service for their customers and this puts them above their competition.

As a result of having excellent service skills, customer reviews boost the company reputation right up to the annual awards for customer service. It’s not uncommon for many of these companies to win continually every year.

Who wins the customer vote? It is entirely up to the company’s effort to provide the best service. The winner’s share many customer service skills which put them above the rest.

Three important trait’s of great customer service include:

  • Hard work and effort
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Friendliness towards customers

There are many companies who are renowned for excellent customer service and it’s clear to say that the winning companies are for their customer’s. These companies deliver their product better than their competition and they want to make their customers feel valued.


One of the leader’s in customer service is Asda. Asda has the view that they are the voice of their customer’s. Honesty and integrity are two key traits in Asda’s success. The customer trusts the company because the company shows that they care for their customers. They value their customer’s greatly with offerings of great service.

According to Paul Graves, the head of customer service at Asda stores, Asda wants ‘to have the friendliest contact centre colleagues in retail, delivering warm and friendly service in every call, letter or email.’ This aim sends a message about the quality of service at Asda and shows that not only are Asda for the customer which is the key to good customer service, but are looking after those who are at the forefront of the delivery of Asda’s products.

As with many top companies, Asda looks after their employees, and their employees look after their customers. Asda has over 180 staff in their customer and Asda looks after their colleagues with a great developmental structure. Training involves a balance of accuracy of information and of friendliness and honesty towards the customer. This makes the customer feel valued and put’s Asda above their competition in customer service.


ITV is a renowned winner in customer service. The importance of feedback is never overlooked by the ITV. This company is constantly looking for new ways to develop their company and become continually better. They strive to make the customer’s experience a positive one. By focusing on hard work and effort, ITV’s customer service comes on top.


Aviva is focused on giving their customers a world-class experience and performing better than the year before. By aiming higher, they are more likely to perform better than their customer service competitors’. Effort and hard work is a common trait in the success of a company. By aiming for ‘world-class’, Aviva is aiming higher and as a result performing better than their competitors.

The top companies for customer service share many common aims and skills which satisfy the customer. Hard work, honesty and integrity make up some of the shared traits to a company’s reputation and customer satisfaction rates. Often the leaders in the race to customer service success are the ones who aim higher than the rest. To be better than their competition, the winner’s in the customer service awards are those who aspire for not only good, but great customer service. The excellence provided by companies such as ITV, Asda and Avivia, and others, is why they come out on top as winner’s in the customer service awards.