Training that delivers results

Customer Call Centre Training - Cape Consulting

A thorough analysis of current strengths and weaknesses of front line staff and their team leaders / managers enables us to see the gap between the current experience and the desired customer experience. This enables us to design and deliver training programmes that fill the skills gaps – yet build on the things they already do well. Where customer contact is by phone, we listen to calls as your staff make and receive them, so we hear exactly what is going on; where contact is by e-mail or web chat we read and observe. We want to learn what they do and how they do it so that we get their buy-in to change and can advise on the most effective ways to move them forward.

Team leader / manager development – the key lever to pull!

In most organisations, delivering consistently excellent customer service requires significant change. And whilst this, of course, requires top level commitment – change can be effected relatively quickly by focusing on the development of team leaders or first-line managers. Developing team leaders / first-line managers who can support their staff to deliver an excellent customer experience is, in our experience, the key catalyst and opportunity for change.

We have been hugely successful in improving the customer experience, delivered by our clients, through developing the skills of their team leaders / first-line managers – and so enabling them to bring out the best in their team members.

Behavioural change to improve the customer experience

Cape Consulting’s approach to training is to bring about behavioural change that positively impacts the customer experience in the workplace. We are not simply interested in what happens in the classroom – we want to enable frontline staff to achieve better results – for their customers, their organisations and themselves.

A cornerstone of creating behavioural change is to design – together with our client – a structured Customer Experience Model™ – that provides absolute clarity for staff about the behaviours that they need to deliver… each and every time they ‘touch’ the customer.